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What Is A Target Audience and How Do I Reach Them in 2019

When it comes to digital marketing, probably the most important aspect is understanding your target audience. This will have a significant impact on EVERTHING! Whether it be copywriting, sales, or even the way your content is produced. On top of that, developing a strategy to engage attention is an even larger task but can be solved with the right ideas.

Perspective will give you huge leverage when targeting an audience.

A target audience is a specific group of people characterized by select demographics. These demographics can be range in a number of areas. Just to name a few, the most common ones are; age, gender, location, education level, income range, career, etc.,

With all these different factors, it can be difficult to reach designated combinations of these new target audiences. As 2019 continues, it is essential to reach your audience directly. Some of the steps to reaching your audience will be centered around knowing where they meetup to connect, and where they go to receive information or entertainment. Always remember to research your audience thoroughly until you know their feelings, thoughts, and habits inside and out. Building leverage with your audience is guaranteed to yield profitable results.


Let’s just say as an example you were selling Marvel themed drawings and your artwork was satisfying your customers a decent amount, but not enough. You might want to find out why certain pieces are selling more than others and need to find out why. In this fictional scenario, you might do some searching on official marvel forums, official comic expos, or check marvel related threads on places like Twitter or Reddit. The point is so that you can get firsthand information regarding what your target audience has been talking about and getting excited for. You might exclusively start putting out more Spiderman related artwork since majority of fans are anticipating a new movie release in the next few weeks. It might even serve as inspiration for you to watch that movie to get vivid and conceptual ideas. Observing community engagement within your target audience can give you insights in ways you weren’t bothering to consider and result in major breakthroughs. Being the bridge that connects people or people to ideas and feelings will certainly give you the advantage in providing for your audience.


Understanding where an audience gets their information or entertainment is an essential piece of target audiences. Fans of esports will certainly choose specific youtube channels and websites to visit. What makes that critical is because this will provide insight to what an individual is willing to give their time to. Let’s say you are in the process of testing a few facebook advertisement creatives. When it comes to facebook ads, most users (including myself) stop for only a brief moment on their feed to read an advertisement, let alone click on it. You have an extremely brief window of opportunity to catch that person’s attention. But what’s going to make them stop and convert on a post? Anything that provides value to the audience. Two of the biggest magnets in the world of digital marketing are entertaining content and informational content. It can keep people engaged for hours despite our shortening attention spans. People want what is valuable to them. If they can learn something or be amused by content, then it’s worth checking out. Just put yourself in the audiences’ shoes and think about how fast you will click out of any content that is boring and has no value to you. Furthermore, this type of content (even if it is an advertisement) will psychologically incentivize an individual to come back for more. And if you get people coming back for more, then you’re headed in the right direction.

Researching Your Target Audience

When it comes to knowing your audience inside and out, there are tons of potential that some of the best marketers take advantage of. When researching your target audience we suggest taking it one step at a time. If you could have anyone on earth buy your product or service, who would it be? Why him or her verse anyone else? What makes your offer so great for one person and not everybody? You might have an offer great for everyone but not enough to lock in your ideal customer. It is imperative to understand your business model's ideal type of buyers so you can effectively know everything about their preferences, needs, and attitudes. It is near impossible to be overly specific when researching your target market. Even a customer’s potential pain points can give you HUGE leverage when it comes to assembling proper advertisements and marketing campaigns. Don't be afraid to use your competition to boost your perspective, whether it be the way their sales process is or simply crawling through recent reviews. Just try to keep in mind that as important as this process is, it’s never fully complete until you begin to test your own customer acquisition process based on the information gathered. Somethings change and others stay the same, so keep at it and see what’s in store for you.

Need Some Help?

Certain tools have been published to make the process a bit more streamlined for the everyday person. As with anything else, take the time to learn how to do these and you will be able to learn and explore much more.

Google Trends is a popular tool that highlights key patterns where target audience’s gather.

Ahrefs is extremely well known in the world of keyword planning, SEO, back-links, and competitor research.

Survey Monkey allows users to organize and collect survey results. What is nice about this tool is that you can tailor questions and polls exactly the way you need to. This offers you flexibility regarding the results you may be interested in.

The U.S. Census Data can provide valuable insight on a range of demographics based on the criteria you select. This information can be quite general or quite specific so be sure to make good use of the filters to isolate your ideal targets.

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