PPC (Pay Per Click) Management &

Social Media Advertising

Without realizing it, you've probably been running into PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertisements throughout your years as a typical user of the internet. In most cases, Google capitalizes the most with this profitable mechanism. It generates ads that are focused to the search engines and allows the processors to find the web page you have been looking for or might be interested in. Facebook on the other hand has extremely detailed targeting across its billions of users worldwide. This lets users put their products and services in front of people that are already interested.


The way PPC advertising is generated can be an incredibly effective and cost-effective way to market a business or website. The Google search engine does not push your pay-per-click ads to the top of search results; however, the algorithms are in charge of making them the most viewed on the entire web. It is widely known that PPC management has even stronger results when integrated with strong SEO and SEM strategies.


In spite of this, it must be noted that for PPC advertising to be successful, an intelligent strategy and exceptional account management are necessary. Otherwise, one could end up spending a lot of money with dissapointing results or unrealistic expectations.


How Does PPC Advertising Operate?


As its name suggests, PPC is a method used for online advertising. The company or institution buys listings and bids for positioning within search engines such as Google and other engines for more visits. 


These are reflected in search engine result pages along with organic searches each time a user searches for a keyword related to their business. When a viewer clicks on your PPC listing, the individual is sent to your website and you are charged a small fee.


The idea is to charge something insignificant, as the click will be worth more than you are charged if you have an intelligent strategy set in place when someone lands on your page.


Target audience:


This is essential to your marketing plan in order to succeed.…It is one of the first things you should brainstorm before you start to optimize your sales process and website.  A postive perception is critical at this level.


Define the necessary elements as to whether they are men and women, young and old, what stage in the purchasing phase they may be, languages, popular trends in the industry, etc,.


After all this, you can design your page and advertisements based on these relevant aspects. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads (among others), will not yield successful results without proper creatives and copywriting. All these pieces are essential for a positive return on investment

Google Ads

If you are new in the area of digital marketing, you may not know for sure what Google Ads are about. On the contrary, you may know about this advertising tool but have next to no idea how to use it; in this section, we will birefly explain its inner workings.


Let’s have you to start from the beginning with what Google ads are exactly? According to what Google tells us, their ads are the primary online advertising platform offered by search engines. However, it is not alone in this area.


With the help of Google Ads, companies have more flexibility in attracting customers, and creating online ads to reach their audience, who is frequently interested in their products and services. These ads will appear in Google’s results and on banners within certain web pages.


But how come some these ads aren't positioned on Google? The platform chooses the ads you want to display through a published payment. Creators choose when and where they want their ads to appear. The convenience of spending your exact budget goes a long way for every click made on a given ad. The higher you pay, the more your ad is shown.


Google Ads is a self-service platform. In other words, users have complete control of their budgets, configuration, ad writing, and can modify them at any time.


Is Google Advertising Necessary?


In order to use Google Ads, you must consider having several action plans; Google offers you several tools when using it. If your idea is to generate customers using this tool, then you should also take into account you  porbably won't be the only one competing for the clicks. Various companies will be doing exactly what you are.


So, if you are willing to pay, it will be always be advisable to use it and have proper monitoring in place. However, remeber there are other options to consider.

Facebook Ads

As we mentioned above with PPC management in general, Facebook Ads are not so different from the previously mentioned platform. Keep in mind, it is still one of the best online advertising tools; it allows us to advertise the products or services we are going to sell with signficant insights. Its advertising system is highly rated and known as one of the most powerful tools in the marketing world due to the detailed targeting mentioned at the beginning of this article.


 Why Facebook?


  • At your disposal, you have billions of Facebook users; being an inexhaustible source of information in the palm of our hands, the odds that our target customers are in a given campaign and are ready to buy is extremely high

  • It offers us various segmentation possibilities.

  • They are always incorporating novelties and improving the tool.

  • It's extremely efficient; it allows for rewarding results in relatively short times.

  • Facebook Ads have powerful statistics.

  • It involves low costs when compared to traditional advertising.

Advertisement campaigns:


A campaign is a strategy to reach your target audience and execute a conversion. To get there we must take into account the proper characteristics successful campaigns:


The click rates or by its acronym CTR; it is the calculation of the performance of your ads and keywords; it is also considered the amount of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times it is shown.


Target audience, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, the target audience is essential in shaping this strategy. You may understand some of your audience and that can lead to mediocre results. With the exact placements, habits, and trends of your audience taken into consideration, there is an almost endless upside to proper advertising campaigns. Knowing the best angles will even lead to retargeting campaigns than contribute to new conversions and higher upsells. Attracting the attention of customers with what appears to be the perfect offer can guarantee purchase conversions and meaningful website traffic.


Geographical scope: This is important because we need to keep an idea of where you may want to send products, or how quickly you may acquire customers near your area. The closer they get to their desired product or the more accessible your service becomes ultimately results in contact initiated by customers and visitor. Local SEO will help improve this campaign aspect when properly integrated.


NOTE: Another popular method is to use email lists and social media to connect intimately with an audience through a more in-depth or focused marketing plan. This helps build brand loyalty to customers and followers who feel they are getting higher quality products, service, and/or exclusive rewards for their loyalty and involvement.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of results can be expected from campaigns?

The best indicators for PPC Advertising are conversions and traffic. The amount of people getting to your site/page and then following through to a completed order is what results in a successful campaign. The campaign effectiveness and advertising budget will be some of the biggest influences on your desired outcome

What volume of conversions can be expected?

Conversions will vary with time but can be tracked through the ad results. Performance data helps to continuously make improvements, leading to a significant increase in conversion rates. It is important to note the outside elements that influence conversions that are on the client's end. These elements include, product quality, price, website landing page, and competition within your market/industry

Is it expensive to advertise on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.,

Social media advertising also has budget optimization options so you will never spend more than you intend to (witht the right account manager of course). Google has a pay per click model compared to a vehicle like Facebook which has the most considerable targeting options by far. Both platforms offer quality traffic with people interested in what you are offering. The lifetime value of a customer is a great measure to judge how much you intend to spend to acquire one customer and remain in a profitable state.

How long are contracts? Are their setup fees?

Our initial contracts start at 3 months and can go up to 12 months. Once the initial contract has been fulfilled, you have the option to move to a month by month basis. Clients always have the option to cancel with a 30 day digital or written notice. After those 30 days, all services are canceled and all information is returned to the owner. We have a one time setup fee that is used to get the ball rolling. We will arrange the required accounts, analytics and administrative tasks. This includes establishing respective advertising accounts.

Do I need to provide content for Ads?

Clients are encouraged to provide content for their own advertisements. Upon request we are more than happy to develop unique advertisements for your company/brand with an apprpraite compensation. With the clients help, we will understand everything specific to YOUR business. In the event advertisements need to be created, our strategy and design will be approved by you before anything is published.