SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The mechanisms behind searching and ranking web pages is the simplest representation of SEO. Especialy with Google, small and large size companies need more users to visit their while beating out competitors within their respective industries. As a result, search engine optimization has evolved into a mandatory factor in scaling businesses of size.


SEO had been in the minds of many internet fans and entrepreneurs...In short, SEO focuses on generating an organic search engine result without having to pay for it.


In this section, we will briefly explain what SEO is and where to apply it.


What is SEO?


As mentioned in the above, it is positioning in search engines to provide interest on a specific website without paying for this.


SEO has had many changes over the years, however, there are two key factors when dealing with this topic; the authority and relevance.


Authority is the popularity of a website. The more popular it is, the more valuable the information it contains. This factor is the one that a search engine takes the most into account since it is based on the user's own experience. The more content is shared, the more users found it useful.


Relevance is the relationship a page has to a given search. This is not simply that a page contains a lot of times the term searched for (in the beginning it was so) but that a search engine is based on hundreds of on-site factors to determine this.

Knowing what SEO is, here we will present you with a series of ideas and things to do to succeed with digital marketing and its branches.

What is Local SEO?


In short, local SEO is a set of tools, and techniques that are focused on increasing the visibility of the website that we want to popularize or sell. A company’s website and services often have a primary focus and business plan involving its geographic location where the website visitors and users are located.


In simpler terms, it's just focusing on some store or service that offers something in a specific area. For your service to be found and have a potential for flashy or eager customers, priority over local competitors means a lot. Those individuals who are located in a given area and have interests related to the business, need to captured and lead to your front foor


Note: This does not mean that this type of SEO is not compatible with measures to position the website in a more global scheme. In other words, SEO should focus primarily on the local but also on the global. This will allow search engines to reach more range and opportunities.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is one of the most effective tools for achieving superior positioning for your company’s website. It consists of the (paid) advertising that shows at the top of the search engines and the relevant keywords that your company has paid for; this will get new users to reach your page quickly verses your established competition.


This is possible thanks to the Google Adwords tool, which links keywords to websites by creating a report on the number of page visits. This tool often works cooperatively with Google Ads and PPC Management.


This strategy makes it possible to reach a large number of users at the local, national and global levels, which is often an economic and direct process.

One of the best examples of what SEO actually looks like is this meta description by MOZ shown below.


Notice the detail below the primary link explaining EXACTLY how meta descriptions provide a brief insight  on this page's content. The following example is a little more natural as an example


Here, the rating is shown (so visitors know exactly what they are getting on this page) and there is a call to action within the meta description to build more subconscious attraction

The Digital Presence

An important foundation to take into account is a company or brand's digital presence. The function is to position you above competitor's eyes and content.

Speaking in more general terms, all the related material you may have that is stored and present on the internet is significant. Whether it's a published text, image, website, or even a social netowork profile. All the data is relevant to your digital prescence.

However, digital marketing specialists mention something related to the digital presence, which needs to be accounted for: relevance present in the content of your company’s online media. SEO and marketing specialists often refer to the fact that it is useless to have thousands of documents and information on the web if it simply is not relevant. This misleads web visitors and leaves confused and overwhelmed with info. Visitors will inevitably realize that they are "going nowhere fast."

Small Business


Based on everything we mentioned, we will now give way on to how to position yourself if you have small businesses in your possession. It is simple to achieve and is it is only a matter of knowing how and allowing the proper time and effort.


What we must take into account is the importance that we can complete many aspects without having to pay large amounts of money, the question here is how to manage the space, money, and resources so that your small business can begin to rank smoothly.


The starting point is, as mentioned above, using financial or low-cost resources efficiently; what could we use for this? Check it out

Social Media:

A good method to start promoting your small company could be: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. These companies focus on using the strategy of the countless communities in which consumers are present and, therefore, it is essential to invest in marketing actions through them.


Despite this, keeping an eye on these small cases is not enough. On the contrary, various factors are necessary, for example: planning content and encouraging interaction between the brand and users, and appearing professional to your target audience.


So, you have to consider that these small social networks need stimulation and perseverance when it comes to posting, even though the costs to promote and implement a marketing strategy are low, with minimal costs.


Another popular yet feasible way to create an audience for your company is by creating a blog or system that generates interest in your customers. You can specialize in a specific area and naturally begin climbing the scale with your audience.


Relevant or valuable information from blog posts are not only shared amongst visitors and their network. Blog posts are responsible for keeping visitors on your site longer which significantly builds your authority and relevance in the eyes of Google.


Page Rank:

The Page Rank is how the Google search engine measures the importance of a website (typically based on volume and length of visits by users). The search engine classifies the value of the websites on a scale from 1 to 10. When a page links to another website, it transmits a value, and this value depends on the page rank relative to the new page it links too.


These are the some of the methods we present in order position yourself among the other websites on the internet. Remember that these are personal recommendations, so you can look for other ideas or tips and add it to what we have mentioned above. Be creative! This will help you to fabricate successful digital marketing strategies. It is often overwheling to implement new strategies and taking the first steps. Schedule a call today and we can work things out together and get you to rank number one!


Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of results can my business expect?

The key performance indicators we go by are organic website traffic and search engine rankings (usually Google). This is tracked each month and reported to you.

How long before I will see results?

It can take up to 6-12 months to get on the first page of search engines. It depends on how competitive your industry is and the keywords we are targeting. Our goal would be to show you monthly increases in your organic traffic and rankings. It will take anywhere from 3-12 months to reach the first page of search engine listings. An important factor to consider is the competetiveness of your industry and your target keywords. The plan is to provide monthly reports on your increase in organic traffic and rankings

How often are SEO reports?

SEO reports are typically submitted once a month but can be more frequent if requested.

How long are SEO contracts? Are their fees?

The smallest SEO contracts are of 3 months. After the initial contract is fulfilled, your campaign can be serviced month by month if desired. If you wish to cancel, 30 day written or digital notice is requested. After 30 days, all information is returned and services are terminated. There is a one time setup fee to get your campaign setup on our end. This is to establish searh engine analytics and other administrative tasks.

What will you change on my website? Will there be a big difference?

The different facets of SEO (on page, off page, local citations, & mobile optimization) require changes to techincal settings like meta descriptions, headings, blog posts, etc. In most cases, there will be no physical change to your website design. Any potential changes will be confirmed by the owner if necessary .

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