Website Design & UX (User Experience)


You are probably curious to know how a website is handled, but you don't know how to start; that's why in this article we will touch on the basics and the most complex aspects.


However, we have to start from the beginning, if you do not have a clear idea of what a website is, we will not be able to go any further.

What's a website?


In short, a web page, electronic or digital, is a document or a set of information with a characteristic design, containing images, sound, videos or more that adapts to the  worldwide web, and that can be accessed through a web browser.


Knowing this we can move on to what website design is and what it's for.


Web Design & User Experience


It is considered an activity that focuses on designing, creative planning, and maintaining a set of web pages. This will vary the experience of the individuals interacting with the site, graphic material, and interface.


Web design and its interface is a strategy that must be taken into account when setting up a new site, since it is necessary to show the attractive product or services to the users. If you don't get a pleasant experience you probably don't want to re-enter the page. Characteristics such as the color of the site’s theme or organization of text and images are influential in how a user feels when visiting a site for this first time or even the 100th time.


We must consider that web design will also depend on other factors, such as the target audience, and  SEO marketing strategies , among other things. Nowadays, this is critical for any company that wants to scale and capture new visitors.

Positive Perception:


Here we can focus on the aspects that a website must fulfill within its design to have a positive subconscious association:


  • Optimization: We must provide our website with information, tools and keywords to be recognized and taken into account by web search engines; without this, the page will not prosper.


  • Adaptable Web Design: Currently, a significant number of users navigate web pages from their smartphone. That's why we should make sure that the web pages adapt to this system and be attractive and easy to use on mobile devices, including tablets.

  • Social Networks: If customers are interested in your website, they will want to review your other domains, that is why it is advisable to enter the other social sites you own so that it is much easier and faster to connect with you, your company, or brand.


  • Administration: Website owners will want a pleasant and attractive site, but they will also opt for a mechanism that allows them to review and manage the site themselves without the need for help from third parties all the time.

Look for aspects that are cost-effective, functional and flashy. Starting with these can stimulate visitor interests upon entering and interacting with your website. Be sure to make everything as well organized and accurate as possible.


Color is a fundamental basis in the design of your website, you must make sure that it is harmonious with the environment and  information intend to transmit. The colors must compliment the subject matter and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Website Copywriting

Writing for your webpage or the “website copy,” is a fundamental basis for translating your ideas into a webpage. Depending on how it is transcribed, the rest can be a child's play. This must be considered heavily, down to the tone ,flow, and narrative of your website. If you want a healthy interaction with users, they need to be guided like a child in a zoo.

Know Your Audience:


Even though it sounds simple, it isn't. Many writers stumble into conflict with this part of the process by not knowing exactly who they want to direct the information towards. That's why it's essential to focus on your primary audience and their biggest concerns or issues. Take time to do adequate research before writing a single word. Eliminating and reducing their fears is a failproof way to keep visitors engaged.


There are many ideas and perspectives for the various audiences you encounter. Don't be afraid to use social networking exchanges, links, videos, emails and forums to learn more about your audience.

Short & Simple Sentences:


If you focus on using long and dragged out phrases, your audience will be bored. Unless it's a sophisticated topic like the medical field, academic media, or any industry that requires high volumes of specific information. Most of us who visit websites subconsciously want quick and relevant information. Try not to write as if your audience needs to know every single thing immediately. Heavy writing will quickly becomes troublesome if it doesn’t get to the point.  Simple and short sentences are all you really need! This gives your audience a clear message and presents a dynamic flow of thought. Sounds easy enough right?!

Use Active Voice:


Don't have a monotonous script, get to the point and make it dynamic. Don't spin around to get to a point across. Jut speak in the present, they way you would to someone in front of you. This will catch the attention of the users and appear conversational.

Domains and Web Hosting

A domain or an internet domain, is the name a website receives. This can be alphanumeric, most of which is linked to a physical address. Usually a computer or electronic device, is basically what connects the device to the web container.


As its name suggests, it consists of the web hosting it provides to internet users. Web hosting is where your domain is held and allows administrative users to handle contact information, security, and ownership properties. Below are some of the most popular webhosting companies and website builders:



It is a content management system used to build and design websites. Launched in May of 2003, they specialize in the creation of basically any kind of website. It is one of the main web content companies of the internet and has a great reputation for millions of users.


Wix is known as platform focused on web development stored in the cloud.  It is notably known for its wide variety of themes and user friendly setup. It also allows users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of drag and drop tools within its interface. ​


Sqaurespace is nother primary and popular option for individuals and company’s looking to establish their domain and throw up a straightforward site. It is a company that offers web building software as a service, focusing on the creation and hosting of websites.


It's one of the well established web hosting companies available, and is estimated to have a majority number of domains on the web. It has become a huge favorite largely in part to its simple merging with Wordpress specifically, which can be integral in company’s or individuals that are switching their hosting or web builder platforms.



Founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Sitegrounf is a web hosting company with notable qualities. It is currently  company with the largest hosting in addition to the most recent data reports claiming that it serves more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Siteground is known for its quality loading speed when it comes to other host providers.

Note: Web application integration and live website changes often need backend access (login credentials) to exisiting web hosting accounts to start making changes. Be sure to have you credentials in a safe and secure location.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will you design a website that fits the company image and brand?

We will assess your needs and preferences in a website questionnaire. This is where you will be able to describe the type of website you want. You will also be able to provide us with examples of websites you like. We will use this information, and our own creativity, to build a website you’ll like. You needs, preferences and ideas will be recorded through a questionnaire and/or dialogue with the decision maker. Reference examples or personal conepts are absolutely encouraged and help make the user interface design a little easier.

How long will it take? What if I don't like it!?

It typically can take anywhere from 20-40 days to complete the website after collecting all the necessary information. As the site nears its completion, a rough draft or preliminary version will be made availble. From there clients may submit a list of edits that we can amend to the site. There will be 2-3 revisions for the website to ensure the desired quality is met.

What do you need to develop the website? Will you maintain it?

Access is needed to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any material you wish to be featured on your website. Once everything is collected we can get the ball rolling. We can maintain websites on an "as needed" term or an "unlimited" term. Unlimited means endless changes, security, and backups.

Do I need to write the copy for my website? Do I need to provide you with images for the website?

You are more than welcome to write the copy for your own website. We can provide the copy if given a detailed outline for the website. Outside of that, we request an additional fee to compose website copy. Any images they can implemented to your website. It's no problem if you do not, there is almost always stock images suitable to fit the theme and brand you have in mind.